Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy involves the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletes' injuries. It focuses on optimizing performance, preventing injuries, and aiding in the recovery process through exercises, manual therapy, and specialized techniques.

Spine Health Physiotherapy

Spine health physiotherapy focuses on assessing, treating, and preventing conditions related to the spine through exercises, manual therapy, and education. It aims to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall spinal function.

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Orthopaedic physiotherapy focuses on treating musculoskeletal conditions and injuries through exercises, manual therapy, and education. It aims to restore mobility, alleviate pain, and improve function, often post-surgery or due to trauma.

Post Operative Physiotherapy

Post-operative physiotherapy involves specialized exercises and treatments to aid recovery after surgery, enhancing mobility, strength, and function. It focuses on reducing pain, swelling, and complications while restoring normal movement patterns.

Pilates Rehab

Pilates rehab is a rehabilitation approach that incorporates Pilates exercises to address injuries, improve mobility, and strengthen muscles. It focuses on restoring functional movement patterns and enhancing overall physical well-being.


Chiropractic is a healthcare discipline focusing on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders, particularly spinal issues. It employs manual adjustments and manipulations to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall well-being.

Women’s health Physiotherapy

Women's health physiotherapy focuses on addressing conditions specific to women, such as pelvic floor dysfunction, pre and postnatal care, and musculoskeletal issues related to pregnancy. It aims to optimize women's physical well-being throughout various life stages.

Post Fracture Rehab

Post-fracture rehab involves tailored exercises and therapies to restore strength, flexibility, and function after a bone fracture. It aims to enhance healing, prevent complications, and promote full recovery.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a therapeutic technique focused on enhancing athletic performance, preventing injuries, and promoting recovery. It involves deep tissue manipulation, stretching, and targeted pressure to alleviate muscle tension and improve flexibility.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a traditional Chinese medicine technique involving placing cups on the skin to create suction. It's believed to promote blood flow, relieve pain, and alleviate muscle tension.