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We strive to provide high quality and evidence based treatment. We specializes in Injuries prevention, injury assessment, Injury rehabilitation, exercise prescription and physical reconditioning, musculoskeletal anatomy, supportive taping and bracing, emergency care and movement analysis. Our treatment include movement and postural correction ,manual therapy (soft tissue release/ mobilization/joint mobilization/form roller release), Modalities(electrical therapy, heat and Cryotherapy), cupping therapy,dry needling. we have been treating back pain , neck pain,shoulder pain, stroke , Parkinson, ACL tear, ligament tear, gym injuries and serve at our best, commitment to excellence in physical rehab and recover,coupled with our dedication to provide insightful guidance and support to optimize patients overall health

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Our Therapist

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Dr. Khushbu Singh
Sports Physiotherapist
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Deepak Kumar
Sports Massage Therapist
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Dt. Surabhi Sharma
Sports Nutritionist
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Dr. Manish Chaudhary